The ultimate SQF development environment

Syntax Highlighting

Full support for SQF and CPP files

Dash's syntax highlighing makes your SQF code more readable by easily separating out variables, strings and script commands.

Don't like the style? Dash 1.2 supports full customisation of the syntax highlighting keywords so you can tweak them to your liking.


The intelligent code suggestion/auto-completion engine for Dash.

Simply start typing and ArmaSense will suggest a list of relevant scripting commands from ArmA 2:OA and ArmA 3.

ArmaSense will also suggest any variables defined in the current file.

This will be hugely expanded in Dash 2.0 to include additional features such as: showing variables defined in the current project not just the current file, plus giving variables currently in scope a higher ranking on the suggestion list.

Built-In SQF Compiler Coming soon

Instant error checking without needing to start Arma

Simply click the compile button to start compiling the file you're working on to check for syntax errors.

This will be hugely expanded in Dash 2.0 to display compilation errors at edit-time in the style of Word's "wavy red underlines" for code sections are that are broken — as you're typing.

More info coming soon

Code Folding

Easily hide code you're not working on

To hide code that you're not working on you have several options.

First, you can hide anything inside a set of braces ("{" and "}") by clicking the plus icon in the sidebar.

Second, you can hide any other code by creating two comments: "//#region" and "//#endregion" to hide any code inbetween.

From 1 File To 10,000

Dash allows you to work on Arma extensions that are of any size.

From a simple, single file script, to a complicated extension comprised of hundreds of files, Dash allows you to work quickly and effectively.

Lookup Script Commands

Directly lookup scripting commands on the Arma Wiki

Simply select an Arma scripting command eg. "addMagazineGlobal", then press F12 to open a browser tab and go directly to that page in the Bohemia Wiki.

RPT File Analyser Coming soon

Directly open an RPT file with Dash to analyse it

Opening an RPT file in Dash will allow you to view errors quickly and easily.

It will also allow you to jump straight to the offending code, and Dash will intelligently parse the error and suggest a fix for the problem.

More info coming soon

Dash Projects Coming soon

Manage your Arma extension project in a single place

Dash will allow for creating projects that contain all files associated with your extension.

It will also allow you to create PBOs and work directly inside them without the need to extract them first. Simple open the PBO in Dash and start working!

More info coming soon

Pack/Unpack PBOs Coming soon

Pack/Unpack PBO's directly from the Dash project view

Right click on a folder and select "Pack PBO" to instantly create one.

More info coming soon

SQF Coders Love Dash!

Holy pineapple on a stick Batman, this is fucking awesome! ThePatchelist
Man, thanks. Where do you live so I can give you sex? Zetho
Been trying it out this morning. Where has this been all my Arma life?!?! :D Darth_Rogue
This is absolutely amazing and looking at what you have planned for future releases I am so excited for it. This is going to help so much with writing scripts and mod files in general. Keep up the good work. ma77h3hac83r
I'm really liking this, man! Brilliant idea; this will help so many people learn to code better, keep it up! KamikazeXeX

Download Dash

You can directly download the Dash installer by clicking the link to the right.

Alternatively, you can find Dash on Armaholic.